110 PAMPALONA - Wide Brim - Full Grain Pamplona Leather

110 PAMPALONA - Wide Brim - Full Grain Pamplona Leather

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Why you want it:

You need a good hat with a big brim that has just about everything and that won't break the bank that provides that "worn" look and is glove soft.

What it is:

Full Body Pamplona leather with a broad brim and leather chinstrap.

Use it:

As you would your favorite worn in run-around shoes.

Size it: 

SM    (54-55 cm) / (6-3/4 - 6-7/8 in)

M      (56-57 cm) / (7 - 7 1/8 in)

L        (58-59 cm) / (7 3/8 - 7 1/4 in)

XL      (60-61 cm) / (7 1/2 - 7/ 5/8 in)

Pamplona is new in our collection. Pamplona has a striking walk grain nature which is round sanded by hands. This combination of pure manufacture art gives each hat a distinctive look. Pamplona is glove-soft and simply a great natural phenomenon and a must have for every lover of great leather.

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