Contact Information and Who We Are

High Style Adventure
1624 Washington Street
Denver, CO 80203


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our products.
We make hats in South Africa (Rogue).  We (High Style) now import and offer them for the first time in the United States to the great outdoors men and women here....or for men and women that just enjoy a good hat.

We employ about 50 Native South Africans at our factory in Hazyview, Z.A.  We care about our people, we care about about our product...we care about you. Just ask around.  We are confident that when you buy a hat from us you will be ecstatic about your purchase.  These hats are designed and made in Africa for the unforgiving climate there and are awesome for everything outdoors.  From bee keeping to Snowball fights (or hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.).

We have partnered with certain Rangers and other civilian activist groups in Africa to prevent poaching.  Currently, our mission is to protect Rhinos.  This is a BIG project and currently 5% of High Style's revenues are allocated to a non-profit by the name of Rogue High Style Conservation.  We are in the process of achieving 501(c)(3) status with the U.S. Treasury so that donations can be tax deductible on your Schedule A.

We are committed to our people (clients, customers, employees), our product and our mission.  So grab a hat, we are quite certain that no one is doing what we do.

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about anything.

Will Hart