Rhino Conservation

5% of All Proceeds Donated to Rhino Conservation

I had the pleasure of staying with the rangers at the Kruger.  It was mind blowing. Their primary job is to protect Rhinoceros.  Protect, translates to saving. To save, they have to catch the poachers before they shoot the rhino.  Poachers killed approximately 456 of the animals last year.  When I was in the park, they shot two. They hunt the mothers because the poachers know that that they have calves.  They, shoot the mother, cut off her horns while the calf nurses, when they are done with mom, they do the calf. These people do not deserve to breath air.



Problem # 1.  There is a demand for the horns.  Wealthy Asians believe that the horn is an aphrodisiac. They should obviously call Pfizer instead.  It is also a status symbol to have a horn on your coffee table or desk.  The buyers contact a Chinese middleman who then contacts a fixer in Mozambique who sets up his squad to begin a hunt. 

Caveat: the poachers are good. Period. They are experienced African bushman with military backgrounds. These guys are phenomenal African Bushman. They were brought up to navigate an survive in the bush.  In game parks, you are not allowed to get out out of your car.  It is dangerous.  These guys hop the fence, and are in the bush with lions and cheetah, elephant, hyena, wild dogs and…unfortunately rhino for days at time.  On any day there are 12 poachers in the Kruger. These two or four man teams have big guns and are highly effective. 

Note: Rhino horn is made out of keratin.  Fingernails are keratin.  

Problem # 2. In South Africa, people in power or with information are paid off. That does mean some rangers, The rangers know where the rhino and patrols are.  However some rangers have dedicated their lives to stopping this. 

When a poacher gets caught, he is brought before a magistrate, more often than not, the magistrate is paid off to grant bail. The poacher slips back into Mozambique to begin again. 

When bail is not immediately granted (because the magistrate has not received his money yet), the rangers that caught him are required to drive hundreds of kilometers to attend pointless preliminary hearings which takes them away from the park, making it more vulnerable.  Some poachers do go to jail. 

Problem # 3. The good guys don’t have any money.  If they ask the government for resources, they are summarily denied. The politicians are paid off too.   

What we can do:  5% of all proceeds from HAS goes to combat this. I know the good rangers. There is a civilian population in SA that wants to help. We have to fund them. I intend to do that.  In addition to HSA, I will be setting up a different 503(c) non profit to deal with this Rhino problem. Everything will be accountable, we will need directors for the non-profit. Let’s fund our private war on the rhino poachers.

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