Guided Africa Safaris and Africa Travel Consultations

We will set up a complete guided package for your group that includes air travel, ground transportation, accommodations, how to pack and everything in between.

See the game, see the incredible landscapes.

Tours in South Africa and Namibia.

Safari in High Style right here.


I look and find the close encounter.

That means I do not waste anyone's time with 100 people and cars trying to get a picture of a lion or anything else at 300 meters away (roughly 1,000 feet). It is just too far to appreciate.

All photos here are mine, and not my best ones. I will get you yours.

A High Style Adventure Safari is just that. My goal is to get you close to the animal so that that you can experience and appreciate its presence without aggravating it and without a hundred people. Just us.

With that in mind, two rules (1) respect the animal, he or she comes first, I will get you the photo and passing cameras around is encouraged and (2) respect that everyone in the group is after the same the thing.  Teamwork gets stuff done.

When the day is done, everyone will have each other's contact info and you will most likely than not be lifelong friends when it it is all over. Google Drive. Email. At dinner share. Sometimes it is just pure luck what side of the car that determines the photo.

 I run a younger Safari as well. That means, at the lodge, drinks, photo sharing, and general comradery will be fun at dinner.

Any questions, I will always be around, from "how should I order my steak", to what constellation is that in the sky (you will not find the big dipper where we are going).

Prior to booking, I will provide a list of gear that everyone will require. I will advise you where to get it. It is not expensive. Pocket knife, headlamp, athletic tape, etc.